Golf course Gandia Raco de Tomba

The representatives of the Plantation Golf Resort highlight at the signing of the memorandum of intentions with the mayor of Gandia Arturo Torró, that the Tourist – Golf – Sports infrastructures Raco de Tomba will be “a tourist project of reference” . The project will include aparthotel , commercial areas, construction of a golf course, a clubhouse, Soccer City and the School of Tennis.

“This is not a speculative development but a tourist-sports project that will make Gandia a reference” said Manuel Ferri representative of the Plantation Golf Resort at the signing of the protocol of intentions to develop the tourist-sport complex Raco de Tomba (Marxuquera) together with Arturo Torró the mayor of Gandia.

The mayor said that the signing of the protocol “was an important day for the city’s economy ” and means “another step forward towards urbanization and access to Raco de Tomba , an aparthotel , commercial areas , construction of a golf course , a clubhouse , Soccer City and the School of Tennis”.

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Arturo Torro explained that there is to be no municipal investment in the project since it is the private sector who will be putting forward the funding, and the council would be “a mere mediator between administrations so that the project can happen and the entire city benefit from  it. The project needed the backing of an investor to develop the project, and today we are at the starting point”.

The mayor said that the project is now in the hands of the Generalitat (Autonamous government) so that “as soon as possible” they can sign the Strategic Plan and the relevant permits to begin developing this project, hold discussions with landowners or make compulsory purchases in order to have the enough land to develop the sports resort. The project will require an investment of around 50 million euros.

Manuel Ferri , representing the Valencian company the Plantation Golf Resort , said that “the credit goes to the technicians of the city council and the mayor of Gandia” since it is they who are responsible for the prior preparation and planning for the Conselleria to qualify and recognize the Actuación Territorial Estratégica (ATE). which is a process of “vital importance ,which will create jobs, provide services and create wealth , but you need the support, collaboration of the administration, in this case the mayor of Gandia , Arturo Torró “.

Ferri was honest when assessing the situation and reminded reporters that in the Raco de Tomba “we must keep our feet on the ground, the council has done well to calibrate the investment, and once we have the ATE we will offer it to foreign markets , British, Scandinavians, Russians, as it is they who will ultimately define the product. We will collaborate with the tour operators so that this to be profitable. If we are able to enhance the sun and beach tourism with not so seasonally dependent golf courses, soccer fields , tennis together with a calibrated investment, all the while with our feet on the ground and in a place as good as the Raco de Tomba, it’s just a matter of hard work and perseverance , and the numbers will come good.”


Manuel Ferri father, also present at the signing of the memorandum of intentions, said that the Raco de Tomba “is not a speculative project . There is not a housing development behind this project, it is a tourism project, with golf courses , soccer fields , tennis courts , hotels and aparthotels, not a real estate development. In fact if we were to seek funding for any housing development this would be impossible, but tourist initiatives in our area with the support of the administration means funding can be found.”

“Even on the Costa del Sol Products there are no products such as this they are all housing developments while Raco de Tomba is going to be a tourist-sport development, I am sure it will be a success. With the local people, the climate, and the available communications, it just will be a matter of time.”

Ferri concluded by stressing that his company wants to work on projects like this “which are  worth working for and investing in. We aim to make a productive investment in a city that deserves our trust and has much future.”

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