New build houses

If you want a new build property in the Gandia / La Safor area, together with our affiliate company La Safor Consultants we are your ideal partner. We can provide a complete service, right from architect assisted design to execution and registration. We can also offer advice on the land that you propose to acquire and build upon. Of course, if you have already acquired land in the Gandia / La Safor area, prepared the project and designed the proposed build then we would be happy to supply the building service to make this reality.

We have the experience and equipment to undertake just about any new build project. We directly employ the majority of the tradesmen required for the construction of a new property, and where needed can call upon a list of trusted contractors that 21 years in the business has allowed us to compile.

We possess the majority of equipment, plant and machinery required for a new build project, this means our dependence upon others is greatly reduced. We also stock many of the basic materials used in the construction of a new property and have our own transport for getting it to site.

For more information about new build property check out our affiliate website

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