Key holding

Need someone to hold on to your spare key for you just in case? In the situation you lock yourself out for example or forgot to bring your set of keys (believe us, it happens). We´d be happy to be that person for you.

Would it not be easy to have somebody nearby for your maintenance people to pick up your key and do some jobs at your house when you´re not there? Of course we will never hand over your keys to anybody without your written authorization first.

Are my keys safe with you?

All keys will have a code that has no reference to the home nor the address of the house for security reasons.

We will only hand over your key to a person after your written approval, confirming that they on your behalf were allowed to pick up a set of keys or in case work needs to be done at your house that you agreed upon.

When can other people pick up my keys?

Anytime during opening hours from Monday to Friday your maintenance people, friends or family can come and pick up the keys (although it´s convenient to give us a heads up). Outside these hours only if specifically agreed upon beforehand (extra charges may apply).

The price of our basic key holding service €100.

Property checks can be carried out, a minimum call out charge of €25 will apply.

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