For all your professional plumbing needs, from full blown installations to basic repairs, our qualified plumber is here to assist clients in Gandia, Oliva, Villalonga, Ador, Palma de Gandia and the whole La Safor area.

In addition to our air conditioning and electrical services, we provide a comprehensive plumbing service, working on projects of all sizes.

If you’re planning a new bathroom or changes to your kitchen, or maybe even undergoing a complete refurbishment, we’ll get the job done quickly, painlessly and to the very highest of standards. All of our work is also backed-up with a guarantee, so if anything should not be quite right (it’s never the case), we’ve got it covered.

Water leaks
If the water meter is turning and everything in the house is turned off, or if your water bill is higher than usual then you may have a leak.

We understand the frustration when a leak is discovered to exist “somewhere”, it could be in the garden, under the terrace or patio, in a wall or even under the house. The first task is to find the leak and the second is to fix it with the minimum of fuss or damage. Our experience with Spanish plumbing practises means we know where to look for leaks and get them under control fast.

Bad smells
Bad smells can be a serious inconvenience and can make your lovely home seem murky. On many occasions’ smells are caused by poor materials and / or workmanship. Things like faulty or non-existent smell traps, or badly sealed waste connections can quite often be the culprit.

We have ample experience with smells and know where to look for what is causing them. We can help you get rid of them so that you can once again breath easily.

You can count on our integral plumbing services which includes:
Full installations
Burst Pipes
Leaking taps
Swimming pools

We can make your home a drier, fresher safer and more comfortable place to live.

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